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Renovating your Restaurant?
We can recycle all your old fittings, fixtures, kitchen appliances with our site clearance services. 

Our friendly Staff load all the items you want to clear and at times to suit you.

We clear shelves, partitions, light fittings, kitchen waste sinks, fittings and cooling cabinets for recycling.

If you are moving or just renovating choose our low cost services.

General restaurant waste collected regularly.

Use our London waste collections and 'Load and go' services.  Restaurant Clearance Services Our trucks are in London 7 days a week.



Areas Served: London | London Boroughs | Essex

Our company provides site clearance services for restaurants, canteens and public houses.  These services include 'out of hours' clearance when moving e.g. at weekends, early mornings or late evenings.

We have been providing site clearing for restaurant businesses and garbage waste collection for many years and offer a low cost fast service and guarantee safe removal and disposal of waste.  We can clear existing furnishings if you are replacing tables, kitchen equipment, cooking facilities and furnishings.

As Government licensed collectors you can be certain all waste and refuse is disposed of in a considerate legal manner.  We are accutely aware of our duty to reduce the volume of waste in the UK which is currently going to land fill.


Our 'site clearance' service includes taking away and recycling most materials, all unwanted furniture, old electrical appliances and kitchen fittings.  It is possible some or all of your discarded furniture and appliances could have a retail value in which case we will offset these against our service cost.

It's in everyone's interests to recycle or salvage as much as possible and not needlessly scrap articles that can still provide a useful function.  (We often pass unwanted articles to Charity shops if they are marketable).

Included in site clearance is help with removing articles from restaurants as described in our 'Load and Go' collections below.

A FREE check on your current waste collection requirements can provide your company with a cost saving waste disposal system.  And of course we are very often able to provide 'same day' collections, as our trucks are generally in and around London most days of the week.

We also operate a very popular 'one-off' service - 'Load and Go' collections in London where helpful drivers and crew load a client's rubbish into our truck while you wait.  This is a very popular service in the city of London where parking restrictions are in force most days and skip hire is expensive because you require a permit.


  • All Unwanted Internal Fittings
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Kitchen Waste
  • Fridges & Cold Cabinets
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Carpets & Flooring
  • Coffee Machines, Computers, Monitors etc
  • Equipment Dismantling Service & Recycling
For moving premises you can benefit from our 'site clearance' service.  Available outside normal hours we can clear all unwanted items for clients and we also offer a dismantling service if required.

If you are dispensing with furnishings that have a salvage value we may be able to reduce our collection costs.  It is in all our interests that re-usable furniture and fittings are reclaimed for continued use in our communities.


We are currently recycling all rubbish and waste.  Over 75% of all the waste we collect is currently being recycled.

All waste materials, whether they are solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive fall within the remit of waste management.

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Our clearance services are available for businesses, shops and restaurants, landlords, estate agents.  We offer document destruction and paper & cardboard recycling facilities etc with our services.

Restaurant Interior London
Renovated Restaurant Interior!


Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. 


Metal recycling is very important as it takes less energy(heat) to produce new metal than smelting techniques.

We collect and buy scrap metal.

Environment Agency
Environment Agency Approved

We are licensed UK waste carriers.

All waste is transported and disposed of legally and safely.  This includes transporting waste whilst travelling from job to job, to a storage place for disposal later or to a waste disposal company or waste site.


It is not always possible to give precise prices without discussing a client's needs.  Prices will vary according to location, size of load and the nature of the waste to be collected.  However, please call us and we will endeavor to give a close estimate of the charges that will be incurred and we promise that the best possible prices will be applied.

If you require regular waste collections we can negotiate a cost saving scheme at a reduced tariff.


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